I’ve finished Stargazing by Peter Hill. It is a nice nostalgic look at life working on a lighthouse through the eyes of a nineteen year old art student. Afterwards I opened up ‘If you liked school then you’ll love work’ by Irvine Welsh. I had to put it down and leave it until today. The contrast between them was incredible. I just wasn’t ready for Irvine Welsh so soon after Peter Hill. The language was too extreme after my nostalgic look at lighthouses. I’ll start it again today instead.

I have finished tidying up ‘Head in the Clouds’ and it is ready to be sent off. I have also sent off a story to the BBC short story competition. They are asking for true and extraordinary short stories. I have sent them a true story but didn’t want to write about any big tragedies in my life so it is about an ordinary event. Still it is a bit of writing practise.

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