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Draft 1

Did I tell you I finished my first draft? My head full of river sludge. Who am I? Where am I here? What’s my name again?

Well I have and I’ve gone back to the beginning to edit. The protagonist has changed slightly – just in age and personality – still the same sex though (small mercies). Some characters have been murdered with the delete button and all of them have morphed (one of them from a middle aged man into a teenage boy). At the moment I’m back at the start trying to make a coherant sounding story out of my jumbled mess of words and it’s really interesting (the process that is).

Reading back the beginning chapters now it feels like an exploration of characterisation. I’ve got a better idea of where I’m heading now so I can start to flesh it out better, but I’m reluctant to get rid of earlier scenes. I might be in danger of holding onto words that aren’t doing what they should just because they’re there. We’ll see – but then Mr. Amis said that you should just make it work  and not to give up on it – time will tell.   

What I’ve done as an exercise is write a few shorter pieces using the characters when they are younger just to see how they react and to get a better understanding of them. It’s been helpful. I think I know my protagonist pretty well now, but this week has been about how she’s viewed by the others. I’ve realised that you can’t leave anyone incomplete, because the reader can spot it a mile off… arse.

I’ve been workshopping it again too and that’s been great, especially when you’re blinded by what’s in your head and need to know what’s actually on the page. I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s going in the right direction. Who knew writing a books took so long? You have to think…and write…and then delete…and write it all again… and think….and delete……..and…….on and on…..  

In other news I’ve painted my nails black and it’s nearly Halloween.

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Common Wealth Short Story Competition

I won something! I got a highly commended in the 2011 Common Wealth Short Story Competition for my story ‘Turnip Gratin’. Click here to read it. It’s really nice to win something and even better is that they have put it onto a CD that is being sent out to radio stations. My story is being read out by Adjoa Andoh, who does a great job. It’s quite surreal hearing your words being read out by someone else. They gave me some money too, which was nice. If you click on the link then don’t laugh at the picture, it’s pretty dire.


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