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The Manchester Anthology

The anthology has been launched. We have all got shiny new books and everything. It was a really nice night, listening to people read out their pieces and seeing everyone there. I want to completely change the thing that is in there now, but that’s fine. It’s all progress – if I want to edit it then that means I’m thinking the right way.

There is a nice piece about the anthology here at The Manchester Lit List. Alec did it brilliant job and all his hard work paid off. You can read all about the making of it at The Manchester Anthology. It was a good night.

Things are progressing with my novel – slowly – I’m concentrating on the voice now. It’s going to retrospective with less childlike observation… we’ll see how that goes next week. At least I think I’ve finally grasped what I’m meant to be doing – whether I’m able to do it is another matter….


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‘Write like nobody else.’

That was the advice I got last week from my mentor. I’ve got it whirring around my head now. She read through one of my paragraphs and said, ‘That’s ok, but anyone can do that. You need to write like nobody else can.’

This has made me read what I’m writing in a whole new way. You’ve got to love a challenge right?


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The End???

Do you remember the end of Flash Gordon? The End???? Well, I didn’t tell you I’ve finished the taught part of my course. I have been a bad blogger lately. It’s great to finish with the essay writing and get back to writing some words again. It doesn’t feel like the end though, it feels like I’m going to get some freedom to write again. Have a look at Holly Ringland’s  lovely blog to read some of the daft quotes from the course this year. We’ve had a blast, can you tell?   

This week I had a meeting with my mentor and she’s given me lots to think about. She told me that she takes three years to finish a book so I don’t feel quite so bad that my novel is in a bit of state, after all I only started it in October.

I need make my character into a living breathing person. I’m going to try to give her more layers. It’s hard to get the balance between being too subtle so that nobody knows what you’re doing to being too obvious. I’ll get there. It’s made me feel excited about it but it’s daunting too.    

My character might be getting a bit older. She wants to get written, she’s itching to do some damage. I can feel her scratching her way out from under my skin. Today however, I’ve been writing a story about Reindeer and it’s not even Christmas, but I don’t have any essays to do now. So I’m free to write whatever I want to and that feels good.

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