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How to become a tramp

Ok, I’ve realised that this writing lark turns you into some kind of nut-case. I’m ignoring acquaintances to avoid innane chatter that will interrupt the novel planning going on in my head. I am distracted. My house is slowly becoming messier and messier. I have made a bottom shaped groove in the sofa from which I never move. My laptop has become a permanent fixture to my knee.  

I wonder if this is normal? All other writers are probably very social. I feel that this is one step before becoming either a recluse or a tramp. I see this as a positive sign though. Definitely a step forwards. With every person I ignore in order to muse over how to kill a fictional guinea pig is one step closer to a finished novel. Right?

I think wine is usually involved too. Important writers drink lots of wine. So I shall attempt to keep up this tradition too. It would be rude not to.

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