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Week 1

We had the introductory week of the course. Met lots of nice people and felt better. It was all a bit like the scene in Good Fellas when they have the wedding and it is all a bit of a blur. One because first days are scary. Two because theres lots to take in and people to meet and three because I had a bit of a cold and was a bit spaced out.

After we found out about the course, we went to listen to Howard Jacobson talking about Kalooki Nights for the Guardian Bookclub. He was really entertaining and interesting. If you fancy listening to it apparantly there’s a pod cast.

I have read Madame Bovary and I have done some writing. I didn’t volunteer my work for the first critique but the other brave souls that did will be getting their work critisised on Monday by the group. Looking forward to this course now.

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 I’ve registered for my MA, had all the information now so will be officially starting in 3 weeks. I’ve been doing a bit of writing but need to get into the everyday habit again.


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